As we embark on this quest across America, we’re more committed than ever to combating tribalism. To do this well, we need folks that are world class communicators—passionate about their views but also able to listen to disparate opinions and respond thoughtfully.

We need folks that can spend 3-4 months cycling during the summer of 2020.


You Have Excellent Communication Skills
You will be an outstanding representation of the American Renaissance mission, team, and all of our advisers. You are great in-person and find you can relate and make friends with many different types of people. You are exceptional at building relationships. Engaging, interested in others, and interesting. You have a genuine appetite to meet new people, build a relationship with them, and learn from them.

You Have The Rare Blend: Tenacity and Humility
We look for team members who have a combination of personal humility and intense professional will. We continuously learn from each other, admit our mistakes, and have the drive to better ourselves every day. You have a very high standard of excellence in all that you do, and you’re obsessed with learning and growing.

You’ve never been afraid of a challenge
“Life is a Highway” could be a song that describes your style. You’re hungry for adventure. You want to get out and see the world and also make a difference in the national conversation. You have the endurance to ride 60-80 miles a day when necessary and the mental balance to take daily challenges in stride—on and off the bike. You take ownership and have a proven track record of results. You bike the extra mile that others aren’t willing to go.

You’re Brave
You’re not afraid to swing for the fences. You love trying new creative ideas even though the ideas might not work. You’re smart enough to know to take a calculated risk, that might not work, improve through learning, and then move on.


To apply, carve out 20 minutes and fill out an application. We look forward to hearing from you!