The pledge

American Renaissance Project as we see it is the ability to disagree productively with others, respecting their sincerity and decency. By understanding a different point of view, we do not mean agreement. We think folks are well served when ideas are allowed to be expressed openly, vetted, and critiqued.

Our focus here is to lead by example. We’re changing our own context and we want you to do the same. By signing the pledge below, you agree to have one disagreeable conversation following these guidelines:

  1. Let the other person speak fully before asking questions.

  2. Assume that the person you’re disagreeing with has good intentions.

  3. Use "I" statements to keep the discussion based on your personal experience, rather than pointing fingers.

  4. Emphasize cooperative goals and common ground when views diverge

  5. Allow yourselves periods of silence if needed. Give yourself time to process what you've heard and talked about.


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